Jan. 5th, 2009

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I've had a number of dogs in my life who've made a deep impression on me, and I can't really see many common factors between them - except the fact that I loved them, and they were four legged canine carnivores.
I remember Bamse, the angry alpha mutt, shaped as a huge baguette with a plumy tail and a big dog's collie-like head (he was one third collie). He was probably my first dog love, he had an impressively dark Great Dane-bark, disliked children and joggers (representatives of the first group had tormented and tortured him when he was a pup, so that particular antagonism was understandable, but the joggers I think..just pissed him off in general). Bamse was not an easy dog, Christel, my foster mom/sister, who owned him went to all kinds of griefs with him..but he was fiercely smart and loyal and incredibly fun. Odd things about him: he was the only dog I've ever met who loved fireworks. On big holidays with fireworks, Christel always let him out and he was overjoyed equally by the big sparkly ones as by chasing the annoying and noisy crackers. Most other dogs faint or get hyper distressed by fireworks, but not him. He lived to be 18 years old, probably the oldest dog I've personally known.

Another dog to note was my childhood friend Lotta's friendly and chubby Foxterrier Sunday - an adorable and sweet tempered little girl, who most of the time looked like a mini sheep, and whom I once rescued from drowning in a fast moving spring-overflowing creek when I was a teenager.
[livejournal.com profile] kejn also had two dogs I loved over the years, Tanja, the Samoyed, a beautiful lady with an opera voice, who was shy but very patient and sweet natured once you got to know her, and Cassie, the Irish Wolf dog, who was gorgeous and impressive in all sorts of ways - I loved watching her run in the fields, she was like a force of nature.

Other favorite dogs later in my life would include [livejournal.com profile] jennixen's Kerry Blue terrier Axl, who's just the goofiest little goblin of a dog with a great sense of play and humor.


and the brave and solemn little Italian greyhound Vinnie whom I dogsat many times, but who unfortunately died last year.

It was really great to get to know Nick and Chelsea ([livejournal.com profile] cacodaemonia) in 2007, not only were they awesome people living 5 minutes from me who liked the same rpgs and books as me, but also great animal lovers who decided to adopt two wonderful dogs. And I really did love their dogs, especially Guy the Greyhound, unfortunately I didn't get to spend enough time with these lovely critters, because the work market drove Chelsea and Nick out of Colorado, far away to Kentucky. Recently I learned, that the last of my favorite dogs passed on a week ago. Go read [livejournal.com profile] cacodaemonia's lovely Post about Guy the Greyhound and how he discovered how to become a dog again in the loving hands of really good people.

Anyone who wants to adopt a dog, or who've had dogs will probably be inspired by the read - just don't cry as I did, it will just make your face swell up.


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