Sep. 4th, 2009

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..if you post youtube links and "free market" think tank articles dressed up as "research" in your mission to discourage universal health care. And yet I post fact check links that show that the material is skewed or taken out of context at best, or outright lying at worst. The level of fear and stupidity is reaching maximum density in political communities in the US.

..if you're a woman who claim that you get along with men better and don't ever analyze your own motives for why that is. These type of girls are mostly, with the rare exception, predictable and, I'm sorry to say, fairly clueless.

...if you're a bureaucrat and sport a lazy brain. Bureaucracy can be a beautiful thing, but when it's lazy it becomes the fictional product of Franz Kafka, and my name becomes Josef K.

...if you're the type of individual who say that you need to "think about yourself and not so much about other people". This usually means that you in reality rarely think about other things than your own arse, and your own arse probably take up a lot of your brain capacity.

...if you're a nerd and claim that girls don't read comics or roleplay or whathaveyou, because girls don't go to conventions as much as guys and dispose themselves to sweaty sexist dipshits.

...if you are a fan of the PUA culture or take part of it.

One week in Sweden, one week of errands and fixing, sporadic internet, many cats (pictures will come later), surreal academic endeavors (last word on this topic isn't said yet), surreal meetings with people from the past, two assholes, one who's just married to one and the rest were all nice encounters. I've started re-watching Babylon 5 on my little portable dvd player late at night when work and social play is done, and it's nice, very nostalgic and still enjoyable in spite of silly moments.

Computer labs with hairy cats at [ profile] northernveil's and [ profile] pierson's this afternoon and hanging with hairless cats later, parties and people for a bit, but also a lot of calm a lot of loss and some disappointment. A more explicit and perhaps filtered post may come on a LJ near you in the future.


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