Mar. 24th, 2009

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The Library and Information Sciences Professor who I've been phone messaging and email tagging with for 2 months FINALLY acknowledged my existence last week. I had to inject an academic MANSERVANT of hers to get her attention. After talking with her directly on the phone without getting an appointment, after talking to her superior, who referred me to her, on the phone, without getting an appointment, after emailing with her, without getting an appointment, I was getting rather desperate, and I knew that last admission dates for fall semester were approaching rapidly. I was to the point where I started to flirt with the idea of camping outside her office door when the Geek told me to not visit her directly, because the chance of actually running in to her in person was close to minimal and not worth the commute to Denver. Instead he told me to find a number to her administrative person. Really? I said. Do I need that when I have her direct number and have communicated with her directly already? Yes, he said.

Okay, so I did some detective work on line, called a few peons in the faculty and got my hands on Academialady's manservant's phone number! At first he was very suspicious of me. WHY did I need to meet with her? (I explained that my degree needed to be reviewed in order to determine if I really needed to take additional classes to be able to call myself a certain title in the US that I already call myself in Sweden) after my explanation he was miffed and asked me WHY he hadn't heard about this!? (I explained that it had been an affair between his mistress and the head of the faculty with whom I'd spoken directly) After that explanation which was met with acceptance, he was fairly benevolent and helpful, taking my information and informing me that, yes indeed, we were in the 11th hour for a meeting, or decisions for fall semester would be made without my involvement.

So the academic manservant took my info, didn't waste any time, but sent an email (including me in it) in which he called me "potential student" (with potential money to spend on their bleedin' school), and I promptly got an email back from Academiclady with a date and a time for a meeting.

It's like magic, just go through the butler! Now my only worry is that they'll want to rip me off and force me to take classes I've already taken. My degree is a good one, and I've already worked as an archivist without a problem. I have every class and academic hour from Sweden spelled out in English for her, and signed by my University, I have letters of recommendation from Westlaw and the Colorado State Archives, but they may still not deem me good enough. If they want me to take more than 5 classes I'll go back to Sweden for a while rather than do it in Denver. It's cheaper and faster and just as efficient. No way I'm taking a whole 2 year program in the US.
Cross your fingers for me, I'm going in for that meeting tomorrow!

A few days ago I saw a raccoon for the first time! Now, I know all you Americans are yawning and thinking "so what?" but..but..but, we don't have them in Europe, and they are so fricking adorable! (insert time for Americans to say: what?? those dumpster-diving, vermin assholes are adorable??)
Anyway, the Geek went out to the dumpster belonging to our condo complex and came back telling me that there was a big raccoon having a party in the dumpster. I gave up a shrill girly scream and dived for my camera leaving the Geek quite stunned behind.
Approaching the dumpster I heard scratching and munching sounds and I saw his little bandit face!!
He was quite big, bigger than an average cat certainly and he locked eyes with me for many seconds, staring and sort of asking me to please not take his yummies away. As I came closer, he dropped his banana and dived for hiding, so I could only take a picture of this little cute bastard giving me the silent treatment and a serious ostrich act.


Haven't you ever seen a raccoon?? asked the astonished Geek when I came back in, and I had to inform him that they are natives to the Americas, and while I've seen coyotes and even a black bear, I've not seen these little buggers.
It was quite odd to have this big boy out scavenging in broad sunny daylight though, since they apparently are mainly nocturnal. I know from books I've read about them that they are fairly smart and that hunting them used to be an artform in the old west, because of their smartness, and because of their gorgeous tails.

I'm still sad I couldn't get his face on picture, it was so adorable. A few hours later, I went and checked the dumpster again, and he was still there, in almost the same position, hiding his head. I wonder if I've scarred the poor fellow for life...


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