Jan. 8th, 2009

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All the independent movie theaters in Colorado are shockingly independent these days. They show such exquisitely independent movies of original depth as: Four Christmases, The Spirit and Bedime Stories. Some others like Milk or Slumdog Millionaire could be called a little more indie I suppose - if not for the fact that they are shown in all the normal mundane movie theaters.

The only thing making the Mayan in Denver different from any mundane AMC nowadays would be that you can take a drink there, and that the ceiling is prettier. But Benjamin Button seems to be as independent as it will go, apparently. God forbid anyone should speak a foreign language!(unless they are anime characters, then anything's forgiven).

It just smarts to hear all LJ people who've seen Let the Right one In, from Seattle to NY say how great it is, and when I browse CO indie movies I get this. Not a single indie movie I couldn't have seen anywhere, and quite a few fit for garbage.

Another part of this trend is that, since "Let the right one in" is so awesome, it must promptly be americanized. This means that a film about Swedish vampires, set in an eerie Swedish winter landscape, can not, no matter how many prizes it wins, or how many fabulous reviews it gets in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune or the LA Times, it cannot be shown in Denver - UNTIL MATT REEVES, who made MOTHERFUCKING CLOVERFIELD, MAKES THE MOVIE IN AMERICAN AND SETS IN IN LITTLETON COLORADO. Please, I wish I could kill him before he does it. But at least this will mean that Denver will most def. show the American version. Yay?


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