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Autimn in Sweden and Swedish cats Autimn in Sweden and Swedish cats
One thing I like about Sweden, and Uppsala in particular is that you can find large wooden areas and pastures in the middle of the city and around apartment complexes, it can often bring an otherworldy nature to pretty common areas.

You can walk through greenery almost all the way to the city center, here is a picture of my way to the castle, which you can see far away.

The birches are changing color and there are lots of rowan berries on the trees, which is supposed to indicate a hard winter, according to folklore.

I still like this town, it's so good for walking and biking.

A lot of my friends have cats, and recently my friend P bought a Maine Coon called Arwen. It is amusing to listen to my friend, who's normally a pretty tough and down to earth chick talk like a soft hearted mommy to this adorable kitty. She's however well aware that Arwen will likely get pretty huge when fully grown.

She's a curious little bugger, and she's very silent, for a cat.

My friend M's cats, these two Siamese cats are extremely friendly and laid back. The female with a black face, Kerthis is the alpha, she's deaf, so when she maows, it sounds like someone is dying, but otherwise she's very nice. The smaller one is the male, Ismo, he might very well be the cuddliest little bugger I've encountered, except for the cats I used to have.

My friends [ profile] northernveil and [ profile] pierson have three cats, Spooky, Sirius and Esfir. Sirius who's black and doesn't have a tail, was hard for me to get a decent picture of, he either came too close to the camera (he's extremely cuddly and curious) or melted into the shadows with his coloring that evening. Spooky is the Alpha and the oldest, she has my favorite coloring, normal grey tabby:

Esfir is the youngest and the supermodel of the lot. She is very friendly but not so cuddly, she would be very graceful, if it wasn't for her plumy tail, which tends to sweep things down.

And lastly, the brood of hairless cats, which I have posted pictures of before. They belong to my friends A and M, and they are very individualistic little gargoyles, hung up on food, due to their fast metabolism and lack of fur. The girl, Morwen is a grumpy loner, she's the smallest and very cute, she loves M and only M, but him she loves more than anything.

The guys, Urban and Oneiros are buddies and combatants, they're friendly buffoons who constantly air what they need or think they need and are eternally on the lookout for food when any human is in the kitchen.

Urban is Oneiro's dad, but nowadays they're like brothers, comparing balls and whatnot.

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