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I am going to Sweden on Tuesday morning, and my brain still fails to fully process that I'll be gone for months and months (admittedly with visits, but still). I have a life in the US now and people I care about and will miss. It's going to be good to see the people I care about in Sweden and talk to them face to face, but still, I suspect there might be lonely times for me in the end, before I return to the US.

I'm scrambling around trying to fix stuff and finish business before I go, it makes me very scatter brained, and it makes it hard to write posts on LJ about what I do and what I think, but LJ has actually perked up my days recently. It seems like some people on my f-list are here to stay, and have started to post more frequently, that along with some new names, makes the old f-page look pretty alive again. LJ is my first blog love, and I ain't leaving it, because nothing is better so far.

A few days ago I was so confused with all the tasks and changes coming up, I forgot the bag of stuff I was going to give away to charity, and ARC people came around to my condo only to find emptiness. I felt like a shit because of that, and hope the Geek can give them my stuff next time.

Been catching up on books and tv shows too, before I go, True Blood is becoming more and more entertaining for each season, perhaps the more vampires speak Swedish the more entertained I get?
The Moon was the best hard Scifi movie I've seen in ages, and directed by David Bowie's son as a piece of curious trivia. The Torchwood 5 episode season "Children of Earth" was well worth watching, if for nothing else, than for the gay love and angst of Captain Jack.

Am reading Octavia Butler right now, can't believe I've waited this long with doing that.

Really, my place and my head is a bit of a mess, not a bad mess, just cluttered and preoccupied. I guess I really am going, huh?

The little netbook Acer Aspire that my friends bought me for last years birthday will come in handy both in working from Sweden as in studying. It's easy to travel with, as is the little portable dvd player/watcher the Geek gave me for Christmas, never before have I felt so savvy and high tech while traveling. It's a new feeling for me. oh, and lets not forget my digital camera from last year, the by now 3 year old Sansa music player and my brand new AT&T cellphone The shiny red LG phone. What's happened to me? I've become a tech carrying world traveling entertainment and communication user, that's what's happened. Knowing me I will probably carry these items for years and years though, until they are considered stone age.

And yet I'm still the same in many ways. I don't like most films about the mob, the mob is one of the most hyped topic of interest for film and tv of all ages. I think Harlan Ellison is a regular A-hole, I love caviar of most kinds, which often disturbs people, I go to significant lengths to disprove skewed facts that "free market" think tanks spew out for their own agenda. I used to write poetry, maybe I will again one day, soon. I love several people, like many and hate a few, those I dislike often bother me in the sense that I think I should try to like them, which is a wound that will never close. We are what we are, but we can feel as good as we can from it I suppose.

Tonight there will be Swedish crepes for dinner and Swedish pancakes for dessert, they are essentially the same, just with different fillings.
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